Puerto Princesa, Palawan: The Honda Bay Tour

Second day of my Palawan tour is the Island Hopping Tour. We woke up early to eat breakfast at the hotel, it's actually a complimentary breakfast. Breakfast consists of either American or Filipino breakfast served ala carte. While there's also other choices in the buffet such as some bread and omelets.  Since I'm not really a breakfast person, I just ate some scrambled eggs and pandesal, plus the fruits served with the Filipino breakfast.

Legend Palawan Breakfast

After breakfast, our tour guide for the day picked us up. Our first stop was the gear shop, where we had to rent some snorkeling gears, and aqua shoes as it was not included in the package. Rent of the Snorkeling mask is Php 150, plus the aqua shoes is another Php 150.
The first island we visited is the Pandan Island. The beach was really beautiful, with fine white sand and clear water. The water is really good to swim into, not too hot nor too cold.  After swimming for a while, we decided to try out snorkeling.  So we got our life jackets and snorkeling gears and headed out to the area where most people seems to be snorkeling. Continue reading here.

Pandan Island

Pandan Island Beach

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