Adventures at White Island, CDO and Bukidnon

The next day, we woke up before 5:30 in the morning to go to White Island. We ride a boat to get there which costs Php 400 for the 4 us, already included in the Php 3900 that I paid Teddy. We also bought breakfast from Teddy's sister, consisting of longganisa, ham, dried squid, sunny side up egg and rice, for Php 100 each. We brought that to the island to have our breakfast there. 

 The White Island is literally just a small island of white sand. Not as fine as Boracay's sand, but fine and white enough. Connected to it is a sand bar, which disappears when the tide becomes high. We tried to stay there to have some exclusivity, but the water rises quickly and we had to go back to the main island after eating our breakfast. The water was clear and cool, but there were so many small stones and remnants of corals on the sea floor that it's hard to walk. So we just swim, even if the water is too shallow. The water is not deep even if you're already far from the shore. We saw some small fishes, and one of the tourist said he also saw some jellyfish and star fish. We were surprised when J told us that a snake swam through his leg. We got scared so we decided to go back to our cottage since it's already time to leave Camiguin. Continue reading here.

White Island Camiguin


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