Third Time is the Charm, Vietnam: The Halong Bay Cruise

It was my third time visiting Vietnam;  apparently, I enjoy going there. Haha. Well, actually I’ve visited Ho Chi Minh twice, first with my family, and the second time with my friends.  Still with my friends, this time we visited the northern part of Vietnam, Hanoi, where Halong Bay can be found. Halong Bay is declared as one of the recent 7 Wonders of Nature. This is my second of the 7 Wonders of Nature, the first of which I was able to visit was in my hometown, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. That visit actually inspired me to add a goal for myself, which is to visit all the 7 Wonders of Nature before the age of 30 *crossing fingers.
 So it was really good timing the JE decided to book Hanoi during one of the Cebu Pacific Seat sale. I think we booked it as early as March of this year, and the fare costs us only about P3500. This time, JM volunteered to arrange the itinerary for our tour. She was able to find a travel agent, the Halong Phoenix Cruise, which provides Halong Bay cruise plus hotel accommodation in the city. The package only costs about $170 per person, which includes the cruise with complete meals and tour, plus one night accommodation in Asian Ruby Hotel in Hanoi.
Finally November came, and we left Manila on a Saturday evening. Funny thing during the flight, as Cebu Pacific hosts games for passengers. The game was to name three things that start with the letter, and when they asked name 3 colors that start with P, J was the first one to raise his hand. He was able to give Pink and Purple, but got stuck for a while. IV tried to help, and gave… guess what? Puschia!!!! LOL. Epic Fail!!! I actually thought of Prussian blue but was not really sure if there’s such a color, good thing J was able to think of Peach. Yey! He won a travel pouch. The other question was a female name that ends with O, and IV was the chosen one. Again, he was an epic fail, and couldn’t think of anything. I helped him and gave Rosario and Mercado, and JM thought of Chikito. Hahaha. Good thing they accepted it as the last 2 names are actually not female names. Haha. Continue reading here.