Surfing in La Union on my 25th Birthday

Since it was my 25th birthday, and I thought that 25 is already a very old age, I wanted to try out something new. I know I'm over-reacting when I say that 25 is a very old age, but I just feel like I'm having another stint of  quarter life crisis, questioning myself, my choices, and where I want to be.  So I decided to invite 4 of my core friends to celebrate my birthday with, my "posh" gang as we like to brand ourselves. Haha. The first plan was actually to go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga to ride the Hot Air Balloon, but since they 're not yet willing to pay about $150 each, I decided we just go surfing since we had that plan since last year. 

My brother already went surfing in La Union, so I decided we just go there since my surfer friends also told me that La Union is the surfing spot for beginners. Being the assigned travel planner and since it was me who invited them, I had the task of looking for a place to stay and I just have one week left. The most popular surf resort in La Union is the San Juan Surf Resort, where they house the Billabong Surf School. I think it is owned by Luke Landringan, the guy in the Highlands Corned Beef commercial. Haha. We plan to leave Manila on Friday afternoon, and go back by Sunday afternoon, so I had to book 2 nights accommodation. Turns out, San Juan Surf Resort is already fully booked on Saturday, so I had to find another resort.  My next choice was the Sebay Resort, but when I made an inquiry, they were also fully booked on Saturday.  Wow, many people are already into surfing. So back to searching again, I found Kahuna Resort, but their rates were a little expensive compared to the others, more like rates for foreigners. But I must admit, their place looks really posh and relaxing. Finally I found Costa Villa which is quite new in that area. They don’t have a website yet, but I found their Facebook page where their contact number can be found. I just sent a text message to them at +639162751884 to make an inquiry, and they immediately called me up to attend to my inquiry. The owner was the one who called me up, so if you want to contact him directly, you can call him at +639178432386. The room good for 4 cost Php 3150 a night, but since I told him we're gonna check in late, he gave me a discount and the room only cost me Php 3000 a night, with breakfast included for 4. He gave me their bank details where I deposited 50% as down payment for the reservation.  Finally, this is really going to happen! Continue reading here.


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  4. The only place I go for surfing is Siargao and I have been wanting to go on a Luzon trip, La Union, to be exact to try the waves there. Your post claims a clear path on how to get there so maybe I will get the contact number of the owner where you were staying. ;) Thanks for the info and I know you had a blast on your birthday! :)

    Hugs and happy thoughts,