A Disastrous First Day in Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong with my family October of last year. Our first day turned out to be a disaster as our travel agency was not able to book the hotel for us. Our travel agency was Discover Asia International Travel and Tours which was referred to me by Jamie which was referred to her by her office mate. Hehe. Since it was referred to me by Jamie’s office mate and they said they provided good service, I trusted her referral and gave their name to my sister. She was the one who booked our itinerary to them.
On the day before our departure, our travel agent still hasn’t provided us our travel voucher which we would have to present to our hotel. On the day of our departure, our travel agent came to the airport telling us that he hasn’t booked a hotel for us as he said there was a problem with the payment transfer and he would come with us to find a hotel for us.
My sister was really angry but we had no choice since it was already our traveling date. According to our travel agent, there was a delay in the payment transfer since my sister paid in check. Anyway, we departed from Manila at around 5 in the morning riding the Cebu Pacific Airlines. We arrived there at around half-past seven and turns out it was actually their winter season. It was so freaking cold and I was wearing a skirt. We didn’t know that it was their winter already and I only brought light clothes and 2 pairs of pants. Hahaha.
So we still have no place to stay yet, and so we don’t have a vehicle waiting for us in the airport to transfer us to our hotel, so we took the bus going to the center of the city. This trip ain’t looking too good. Our travel agent asked us to stay at Mcdonald's at the moment and he would find a hotel for us. My sister told him that she and my brother would come with him and he should hand his passport to him. Better be safe and secure that he won’t be able to just leave us there waiting for him. Continue reading here.
Breakfast at Hong Kong Mcdonald's


  1. Hi, mgkano gastos nyo sa package tour na yan? Thanks

  2. It's more or less 25k per person c/o the Discover Asia.. but like what I said, I don't recommend this travel agent.. better plan a DIY trip.. :)

  3. Ang mahal kung 25k per person, last year my sister and I spent 30k.

  4. yep, napamahal nga never again ako magtratravel agent..better DIY trips

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  6. posh, Kristili ask ko lang kung malamig na ba ang weather sa hongkong sa month ng october. pupunta kasi kami ng 2 anak ko Oct. 24-27, 2013
    I'l wait for your reply.
    Thank you


    1. Hey Arnold, sorry for the late reply. I'm not so active in this blog anymore. If you're going on October, then yes, it's already cold, though they don't have snow. I suggest you bring jackets and warm clothes. Enjoy your trip :)