Crossing the Crazy Streets of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

So after the half-day Cu Chi Tunnel tour, we found ourselves back in Ho Chi Minh City. It was already two in the afternoon, but we haven't eaten our lunch. We were so hungry, that it didn't matter where we eat, we just wanted food!! The first place we saw was the Nguyen Café, and we were just happy to see a place to eat. When we checked their menu, we were glad that they offer rice meals. But no, the waiter said that they only offer those during lunch time, and it's already past lunch time. Huhuhu. So we ended up just ordering shakes and cakes. While we were chilling and resting at the café, we noticed that most of the other people were looking at us. Why? Do we look funny? I guess they are just curious as we truly look like tourists, with our cameras hanging at our necks, and carrying bags of souvenirs. What's more odd I think for them, is because we're Asians, and most of the tourists they see are Caucasians from Europe. Continue reading here.

Strawberry and Chocolate Milk Shake


  1. wow! i love pho and iced coffee! na-miss ko tuloy ang chao long at iced coffee sa puerto princesa, palawan. marami kasing vietnamese refugees dun eh. :)

  2. yeah, i miss the coffee of yummy! i bought instant coffee and brought it home, but it's not as, maraming refugee sa palawan? i wanna go there, haven't been there!

  3. stumbled upon this post and it made me miss my trip to HCM.

    1. Yeah, I didn't expect to have so much fun revisiting HCM, but I so enjoyed my trip so much. I will visit Ha Long Bay this November, can't wait. :)