Feeling like a Child again in Hong Kong Disneyland

We woke up early on our 2nd day at Hong Kong. We had breakfast again at Mcdonald's since it was the free breakfast included in our package. After breakfast, we met up with our travel agent again to transfer to our new hotel. We took the bus again for about 15 minutes or so. From the bus stop, our hotel is just a couple of blocks away. Our new hotel was the Dorsett Sea View Hotel which is way way better than Chungking House It was like a 3-star hotel, I think. We had 3 rooms, each with its own 2 beds, cable TV, air-conditioning and bathroom. 

Dorsett Sea View Hotel Hong Kong

We all thought that everything will go smooth on that day, but even before we can start on with our tour, we had to encounter another bump In the road. Our tour guide to Hong Kong Disneyland didn't arrive on the time we were expecting them , so my sister got pissed off at our travel agent again. Our travel agent called up the local tour guide and turns out the bus that was supposed to fetch us got filled up because there were some unexpected guests. Of course, my sister got mad again since it's quite annoying that they accommodated the unexpected guests first rather than us.

After an hour or so of waiting, our tour guide finally came. He just brought a van with him since it would only be us. It took us more or less 20 minutes to get to Hong Kong Disneyland, and he gave us our tickets and instructions on how we would be going back. Finally, we can enjoy this day.
I was really excited to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, since I've never been to any Disneyland. Even though I'm already 20-something, I am a kid at heart, not to mention I also look like a kid.  It was actually a Halloween special so there were Halloween inspired displays and almost all the kids are in Halloween costumes. They were all so cute! Continue reading here.
Hong Kong Disneyland Entrance

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