Post Christmas Getaway at Zambales

Every year my family and I make it a point to go the beach. This year, this annual thing happened quite late, but it was still a time well spent. My brother suggested to go to Potipot Island, which is in Candelaria, Zambales. It's much like Anawangin Island where there's no resort situated in the island, and not even electricity. It’s just an island, literally, with just a few huts and comfort rooms.

So my family headed to Zambales, Monday morning, a day after Christmas. We took the NLEX route then SCTEX. We left home at about past 9 in the morning, and was able to reach Subic at around 12 to have lunch first. We had lunch at Aristocrat, then headed to the road again. It was like another 2 1/2 hours more of driving to reach Candelaria, Zambales. 

We finally arrived at Candelaria at almost 3 in the afternoon. Since my family really didn’t want to camp out on Potipot Island, we stayed at Dawal Beach Resort at Calendaria. It’s a pretty decent resort, one of more high-end ones, relative to the other resorts in the area. They have different types of room, from Standard rooms, Pool side rooms and Penthouse. We rented 2 Standard Rooms, good for 3 each, for 2 nights. The room is for Php 4000 a night I think, with television, air condition and hot & cold shower. We also checked out the Penthouse, which is already good for 6, but it has only one bathroom and television, so we decided to just rent 2 separate rooms.

After checking in our rooms, we decided to head out to the beach for a swim. It's almost sunset then, so it's not really hot and sunny. The beach is ok, the shore is long with water that is not too deep. The only drawback is that the sand is black, so it looks like mud, but the water is clear and clean.  Continue reading here.

Dawal Beach Resort Shore at Candelaria, Zambales

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